NYE: A Guide to Success


It’s that time of the year again… figuring out New Year’s Eve. There aren’t many things I dread more than trying to make plans for this holiday. The older I get, the more toxic NYE becomes, but … it still can be fun!  We’ve all had bad NYEs, but don’t let those bad apples ruin your holiday.

Smart Homes


Do you want to turn your home or apartment into a fancy, voice-controlled “Smart Home” but don’t know where to start? If that’s sounds like you, or if you’re just curious as to what all the hype is about with Amazon Echo and Google Home, then follow me as I dig up the most versatile and cost-effective options on the market right now.

Note: all of the devices and systems that I will be detailing will have a focus on ease of setup and low cost, so that means wireless (mostly) and no subscription fees. Let’s dig!

GIMP and Paint.net – Attacking Adobe’s Pockets from the Shadows Since 1996


One of the best things about the modern internet is its ability to take a good idea and immediately dilute it to the point of demonetization. I remember looking at Photoshop in High School and thinking “Wow, this looks really cool. I wish the home version didn’t cost $800.” In hindsight, it’s understandable; when you fill a specific niche and are perceived as uncontested, you have the freedom to charge what you want. Fast forward to the modern day and the picture is significantly altered (pause for yucks or maybe weak smiles). Photoshop now has to deal with some serious competitors, a number of which are completely free. Coincidentally, I have some (mild) experience with a couple of them! Lucky you, friend.

Add to your List: Black Mirror


As we head into hibernation season, we more or less become cooped up inside to snuggle under the covers and binge watch anything and everything.  One show I recommend is Black Mirror (Netflix).  (Warning: this show is not for the fainthearted.  Taking breaks to regain belief in humanity and staying far away from your phone or computer is highly suggested!)



The holidays are not only a Season of Joy, but also the Season of Spam. Holiday email scams are sent in the billions this time of year. People let their hair down over Christmas and New Year, our guards are down. This gives online criminals an opportunity to install malware, fool consumers with phishing campaigns, and unleash mayhem. Malware increases at an alarming rate during the holidays, and email spam is a primary cause. So, what is spam and how do we avoid it?

The Iron Church: Where Masochists Go to Worship


I’ve been getting back to the gym after a long hiatus. The first two weeks are always a struggle, but I find that week 3 is really where it start to feel right. This may come as a surprise, but I favor weights when I go to the gym. A friend and I did a couple powerlifting meets back in college for fun, and we placed well, but nagging aches and imbalances have stopped me from returning to it full-force. We’re done with that, though! My drive has cannoned back into the gym, a round shot of pure determination and killer instinct!

How Computer Security is like a Zombie Apocalypse, and How It’s Not


If you’ve watched shows like The Walking Dead, or seen movies like 28 Days Later, you undoubtedly are aware of the prevalent tension that exists in those worlds. The survivors are under a constant threat of attack from zombies and other humans. Every day becomes more and more bleak as their defenses, patience, and mental health are slowly eroded by constant loss and sacrifice. This is not unlike the world of computer security.