Birds of a Feather

Apps I Can’t Live Without

Here’s a quick guide to some of my personal favorite apps in the world wide web. Life can be pretty rough sometimes, and these apps just help me get by. I’m going skip over the obvious social media ones and hopefully shed some light on the good, practical + simple ones (nothing crazy/trendy here, guys). I have an iPhone 5S, if anyone cares!


I love VSCO because of the cool filters it offers (don’t forget to download the free filters under SHOP). Once you pick a filter, you can then edit the properties of the filter to suit your selfie needs. Save it to your phone and/or link it to your favorite social media outlets.

The Weather Channel

You’re probably going, “There’s already an iPhone Weather app, Kris.” Yes, I understand. But this one has a RADAR. RADAR.

Keyboard Shortcuts

I LOVE Keyboard Shortcuts!

I’m not exactly nerd-alert when it comes to keyboard commands, but I tend to use them more often than my mouse.  When you have the keystrokes memorized, it’s simply faster to type than mouse around.  Here are a few of my absolutely favorites – I can’t live without them.

ALT + TAB:  switches your window to the most recently used window.  If you hold the Alt Key, and click

Server Shortcut


Right click the start menu icon in Windows Server 2012 R2 to view a list of handy shortcuts. It took me a few months to learn this new feature and now it saves me time daily. The list of shortcuts includes Device Manager and Disk Management, which previously required either run box input or multiple clicks in Server Manager.


Quick Step!

For frequently-repeated tasks in Microsoft Outlook, utilizing Quick Steps in addition to the standard keyboard shortcuts can improve productivity immensely.

Located towards the center of the ‘Home’ tab of the ribbon, the Quick Step sub menu has a number of default steps available for use in addition to an option for creating and