LAURA JEAN GORSKI – a very short Biography of how this all started


My website bio reads: I never thought I would own an IT company. But, fortunately for me, after some gentle nudging from loyal clients and a bit of a shove from previous employers, I have a pretty great gig. I love my clients, coworkers and the change of pace technology offers. 2AM emergency phone calls never seem to matter when I can fix what’s broken.

Out of Support: IT and Life


Just like Windows XP, all good things must come to an end.  If you are reading this, and still have Windows XP installed, it’s time to buy a new computer.  As my time with Birds on a Cable comes to a close, I want to reflect back on some of my most memorable experiences. Before I fly the coup, let me leave you with my Very Profound Life Advice.

Birds – Best of Applicants


Dearest Blog-Readers and Bird-Fans:

As you may already know, Birds on a Cable has recently added new starlings to our flock. And, truth be told, it’s been a difficult journey to find these shining, capable personalities. Technical knowhow aside, we aim to employ passionate, organized and well-balanced Birds.
Sifted from hundreds of resumes, below are some of the close-but-not-quite candidates:



Welcome to our new website and new blog, we’re glad to have you.

The Birds will be posting here a few times per month. Sometimes it will be technical information about an IT project that’s captured our attention. Other times it might simply be a favorite new website or internet thing.

Check back often.

We take requests.