EMERGENCY BLOG: Why My iPhone is So Slow



Has your iPhone been slow lately? Let me guess – it’s been slow since you updated to the new iOS… BINGO! Many readers of this blog probably already heard the news but if you haven’t, the worst kept secret in electronics has finally been confirmed. Apple slows down (“throttles”) your iPhone with every new iOS release. This is unbelievable news. It took building heat and building evidence in Reddit forums to back Apple into a corner far enough that they confirmed it’s true.

Exploding Phones: Stop Hating on Samsung


There’s this little known phenomenon that you’ve probably never heard of (cue hipster face): “Exploding Phones.”

Let me make a general but very important distinction before we start: there is a big difference between an explosion and a slow burn. I’m sure you’ve heard recent news stories that refer to phones (maybe Samsung, maybe not… but probably Samsung) spontaneously combusting while charging on a nun’s bedside table, or setting a firetruck ablaze while charging in the vehicle. While neither an explosion nor a slow burn is a thing you’d want to experience, if you HAD to choose, one option is preferable. But let’s be clear; phones are not EXPLODING!  …they are melting.