Building a Truly Fabulous, New Gaming Computer


So recently, my partner graduated from pharmacy school, and as a “Congrats! / Now You Finally Have Free Time!” gift, I decided we would build a gaming computer together. It was a process we began all the way back in January, and completed a few weeks ago. Due to the cryptocurrency caused graphics card shortage, we delayed purchasing anything until we could acquire the hardest to come-by part. Luckily, keeping my ear to the ground, I found a cheap, brand new GTX 1070 on Reddit for sale. Even more luckily, it wasn’t a scam! With this purchased, we went ahead and bought everything else.

Will Goes Vegan


So I’ve been concerned about the sustainability of meat as a food product for a while now. Mind you, not so concerned yet that I’m willing to give it up entirely (there will be a full day of mourning when I lay corned beef to rest), but enough to investigate what my un-meat options look like these days. Believe it or not, things aren’t looking half bad.

Your Next Side Gig


Last Friday, I married my best friend! We decided long ago to keep it simple and get hitched at the courthouse here in Portland, OR. I googled “How to get married in Multnomah County” and was led to a list of judges. I emailed a judge in January, and she booked our wedding date, no problem! She gave us some easy instructions and sent us a few sample vows. On the day of, we arrived to the courthouse in a timely fashion, only to recognize a sign on her door that read:

Crafting an Infernal Contraption

I’ve been telling myself for the last month and a half that I’m going to get into leatherworking. I bought all the tools, read through some beginner materials, and planned out my first project. But what was this? The man in this Youtube video is using some specialized vice to hold his leather in place while he stitches. I couldn’t possibly be considered a travelled Leathersmith without having one of those to work with! So, in lieu of actually working the leather, my first project became to forge a tool for it. This journey is chronicled below.

Meet our new Bird: Lucy


Lucy hails from Houston, TX area, where she was saved from a kill shelter by Three Little Pitties All Breed Rescue. She’s a sweet, 41 lbs, 2-year-old pit mix who is a pleaser at heart. A stage five clinger, Lucy stalks, then cuddles. The first fancy thing she did was to fly FURst class all the way to Portland, OR to be with her forever family. Proud mama-bird, Kris, takes her to work every day, as Lucy whips her into computer-troubleshooting shape.

The Cost of Convenience


Anyone who knows me knows that I loooove me some Google. I use Google services, applications, and products at every feasible opportunity I find. Their applications and products play well with others (unlike Apple) and the ecosystem that Google has built allows for things like real-time information right when I need it. I’m talking about the kinds of things that are actually useful like arrival/departure information for mass transit, based on the stations nearest to me at any given time.

Hollow Knight: A dark, silly romp through the Hallownest


I can say with confidence that I’ve finished more Metroidvania-style games in my day than any other type. Deriving its name from a mashup of Metroid and Castlevania, it’s a genre that is defined by large, openly-explorable maps, a 2D gamespace, and an uptick in complexity of controls as the game goes on. For me, this is a tried-and-true recipe for a compelling game that has been perfected over the last 15 years. And no game embodies this evolution more than Hollow Knight.

Resolving. Re-solving.


Happy new year, folks!

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about resolutions. (Predictable, Kris). Hear me out…

For a long time, I wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution type of chick. Then for years after that, I was. Regardless of if you do or don’t – it’s STILL a new year. Period. We reflect on what we’ve done and where we’ve been, we #topnine2017 on the Instagram, and we review The Best of 2017 lists. It is the end and beginning of something.

For me, it’s different this year. I’ve taken unexpected approaches: