Internet Exclusivity


Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans do not have proper access to the Internet? (Wait! That number seems small.) Let’s do the math: 20% of 325.7 million people = 65,140,000 Americans.

While it may seem unimportant to have good internet access everywhere (didn’t we all survive without it 25 years ago? Shouldn’t we be cherishing the moments without it?), it is hindering those who don’t have it, and hurting the American economy. Students’ grades are being affected, job opportunities (i.e. telecommuting, online interviews) are being taken away. Time is spent traveling to urban areas for access, being away from home, or waiting on slow Internet speeds. As society continues to grow alongside technological advancement, we are leaving rural and impoverished areas behind.

The Happening: Google Domination


With all of my doomsday blabbering about the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the certain extinction it will (probably) bring, I thought it was time to focus on some good things about AI that are right around the corner. After all, the AI future will be good – up until it starts going bad, and one of the things I’m most excited about is Google Duplex.

How Do Hard Drives Store All Those Bits?


I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but in the last 30 years, it’s gotten cheaper to store things. I can recall my first computer back in 1997 with its whopping 1.5 GB of space. Two years later, we bought a second hard drive with 10 GB. These days, you can buy 12 TB Hard Drives (and 100 TB Solid State drives if you feel like spending both arms, both legs, and maybe your first born; all for roughly the same price as a 1 GB hard drive around 1995. What changed? What allows manufacturers to cram more bits and bytes into those small boxes?

Your Next Side Gig


Last Friday, I married my best friend! We decided long ago to keep it simple and get hitched at the courthouse here in Portland, OR. I googled “How to get married in Multnomah County” and was led to a list of judges. I emailed a judge in January, and she booked our wedding date, no problem! She gave us some easy instructions and sent us a few sample vows. On the day of, we arrived to the courthouse in a timely fashion, only to recognize a sign on her door that read:

Crafting an Infernal Contraption

I’ve been telling myself for the last month and a half that I’m going to get into leatherworking. I bought all the tools, read through some beginner materials, and planned out my first project. But what was this? The man in this Youtube video is using some specialized vice to hold his leather in place while he stitches. I couldn’t possibly be considered a travelled Leathersmith without having one of those to work with! So, in lieu of actually working the leather, my first project became to forge a tool for it. This journey is chronicled below.

Resolving. Re-solving.


Happy new year, folks!

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about resolutions. (Predictable, Kris). Hear me out…

For a long time, I wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution type of chick. Then for years after that, I was. Regardless of if you do or don’t – it’s STILL a new year. Period. We reflect on what we’ve done and where we’ve been, we #topnine2017 on the Instagram, and we review The Best of 2017 lists. It is the end and beginning of something.

For me, it’s different this year. I’ve taken unexpected approaches:

Net Neutrality: This Should Be Keeping You Up At Night


Net Neutrality is a regulation that was passed by the previous administration and prohibits Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from blocking or throttling access to websites and services; as well as preventing ISP’s from creating “paid-priority” services. In a nutshell, Net Neutrality ensures that all internet traffic is treated equally. So the Trump administration removed it — big deal, right? It’s not like Trump shut off the internet — what’s all the noise for?

Everything Updates Now


For most of human history, if you buy or make something, there’s a pretty clear distinction between the periods during which it is being made and being used. A leather bag or wooden table might age and show wear, but the leather bag doesn’t grow a pocket overnight, and the table doesn’t show up for breakfast with room for one more chair.

Weathering the Storm


For the past month, we’ve been working with (or against, depending on your viewpoint) AT&T to troubleshoot a failing router. Unpredictably, the fiber link light goes dark, and an office is suddenly without internet. Crippling. Our multiple requests for an onsite AT&T technician were disregarded because the Midwest AT&T service team had been sent down to Houston to rebuild infrastructure.

Perspective. Talk about crippling.

Face Pulls: An Exercise


I’m bad about doing exercise that work the muscles of the back outside of whole-body movements like deadlift. It’s much easier to perform an exercise confidently when you can see what you’re doing and make adjustments, a la bicep curls or squats, but working things on the backside of your body is an entirely different beast. Compound that difficulty with something like an imbalance or injury and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe long-term gym morose. This is why I tend to incorporate additional simple prehabilitation movements to address imbalances as needed. The face pull is one such exercise, and one that most people should probably be doing with some frequency.