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We are a Chicago based Information Technology company focused on proactive services and support for small businesses.

You want it to work,
and we want to fix it.

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About Us

We know that not all IT consultants are created equally. There’s the computer-guy, the computer geek, the programmer, the anti-socialite and on and on. We don’t fit any of those stereotypes. We don’t want to.

At Birds on a Cable, we strive to develop lasting relationships with our clients. We want to know how to fix the problem before you finish describing it. We want to learn the nuances of how you work in order to service you properly (we also want to learn the nuances of your network, but we won’t bore you with the details).

We add a human element to computing, providing you technical service you can understand. We fit best when servicing small- to mid-sized businesses. A mom’n’pop shop or a growing law firm. We always answer our phones, and always want to hear from you.

About You

You have one computer or ten servers; sole proprietor or one-hundred users. Maybe you have a server room (please let us tidy those cables!), or maybe your server room is in the Cloud. We’ve seen it all, and we excel with variety. Our broad range of experience keeps us on our toes, allowing us to offer solutions for your unique environment and budget.

That said, we also fit well in a supplemental role. We fill in as helpdesk support if yours is, say, in India. We manage high-level IT projects if your staff doesn’t have the knowledge base or time.


Our Services

Last night our phone rang because a website went down. We fixed it.

Last week a client hired a new attorney. Now he has a laptop and an email address; a bio on the firm website and a mobile device that syncs to a corporate server.

We offer online backup solutions for individual computers as well as entire network architectures. We’ve recovered a file or two. We’ve also restored servers from the dead.

We are partners with Microsoft, and develop Office 365 solutions that fit your business model. Ask us about migrations or hybrids.

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Tech Support

We are on call 365/7/24.


Cloud Services

High availability with offsite solutions.


IT Consulting

Let us manage your next IT project.


Data Security

Encrypt and protect.


Offsite Backup

Data redundancy. Automated. Worry-free.


Office 365

Registered Microsoft Partner.

Our Partners

Our Flock

This is our growing flock. Photogenic and (mostly) plaid!

Email any of us for help.
You want it to work,
and we all want to fix it.

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phone: 312.300.6651

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