EMERGENCY BLOG: Why My iPhone is So Slow



Has your iPhone been slow lately? Let me guess – it’s been slow since you updated to the new iOS… BINGO! Many readers of this blog probably already heard the news but if you haven’t, the worst kept secret in electronics has finally been confirmed. Apple slows down (“throttles”) your iPhone with every new iOS release. This is unbelievable news. It took building heat and building evidence in Reddit forums to back Apple into a corner far enough that they confirmed it’s true.

Net Neutrality: This Should Be Keeping You Up At Night


Net Neutrality is a regulation that was passed by the previous administration and prohibits Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from blocking or throttling access to websites and services; as well as preventing ISP’s from creating “paid-priority” services. In a nutshell, Net Neutrality ensures that all internet traffic is treated equally. So the Trump administration removed it — big deal, right? It’s not like Trump shut off the internet — what’s all the noise for?

Don’t be a Dim Bulb – Get Yourself Some Smart Bulbs!


The worst thing about Todd  is that he’s an excellent source of ideas for gadgets to waste money on. After mentioning I bought a couple extra Google Home Minis while they were on sale, he said he’d had a good experience with his Phillips Hue system that integrates with the Google Home’s Assistant AI. I mulled over a listing for the starter kit and successfully told myself I didn’t want it for approximately 8 hours. Fast forward three days and the light fixture in my kitchen is now regularly a combination of both jade green and orchid purple.

I am Root!


If you’re at all tapped into news, you’ve likely heard by now that the latest version of MacOS has a very bad bug, which allows anyone on your machine to log in as “root” without a password. But you may not be fully aware what root is, and how this bug came about in the first place.

Even More About Coffee


It’s apparent that us Birds just love talking about coffee. I won’t talk about how you need one more cup or its effects, but I do want to talk about different ways you can get coffee into your mouth.

My household is constantly trying to find better, more convenient ways to do things, especially when it comes down to how each person uses whatever thing. With coffee routines, we’ve used a plethora of different brewing methods. Here we go:

Thank you, Technology. Love, Laura Jean


I’ve been thinking about the technology I’m most thankful for – ‘tis the season, after all – and while it may not make it into my Thanksgiving dinner speech, I can’t imagine life without our modern conveniences. Not to follow too closely on the heels of Todd’s post last week, but many of my favorite digital advances lead to laziness. Especially this morning, when it’s 20ºF in the garage, I’m happy to have seat-warmers that start with my car. And since I walked out of the house without turning off the lights, I’m awful glad there’s a phone I can speak into that will abide by my command. Makes sure the garage door is shut, too. And turn on the alarm.

So, it seems I’m thankful for my smart home. But I’ll be just as happy when it all seems a bit dumber, filled with family and poorly timed side-dishes.

Happy Thanksgiving !

Everything Updates Now


For most of human history, if you buy or make something, there’s a pretty clear distinction between the periods during which it is being made and being used. A leather bag or wooden table might age and show wear, but the leather bag doesn’t grow a pocket overnight, and the table doesn’t show up for breakfast with room for one more chair.

Mac Spyware


Contrary to popular belief, Macs do get hacked. It doesn’t happen as frequently as it does on Windows machines, but Macs can be infected by all forms of malware, and it’s happening with more frequency. This spyware is called Fruitfly, and it’s about as nasty and creepy as I’ve seen.

Battle of the Bulge: Lithium Ion Batteries


If you keep a Lithium Ion battery powered device long enough, you may notice it start to grow a bit. It may even happen if you haven’t had the device for very long. You may wake up one day and notice that the case on your phone is a more snug than it used to be, or that the trackpad on your laptop doesn’t have that “give” when you tap it. Much like a pair of jeans or your pet’s waistline, electronics that start to show more mass than usual is a sign that something may be going on with it health-wise.